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  3. naftb

    clan SaLiVaL

    clan leader: NaFtB clan name: SaLiVaL online:13+
  4. Scar3F4ce


    Clan Leader: MikeYoO Clan name: GoDMoDe online: 13+
  5. Delilah

    Clan EternalQuality

    Leader Delilah 9+ PPL!
  6. dance1ron

    FallenAngels clan rec

    Clan name : FallenAngels Leader Name : Dream
  7. Yankuro1

    Clan Phoenix

    Clan name : PHOENIX Ally name : DemonS Clan Leader: Yankuro Clan 12+
  8. Rowdy


    Clan name : Olympians Clan Leader: Rowdy Clan member: 9+
  9. NieWiem

    VsAll !

    i can invite?:D
  10. iMoRRy

    Clan Event

    - Clan's name: zaidejai - Leader's name: iMoRRy - Expected member's count: 9 and more
  11. Scar3F4ce

    VsAll !

    Clan name : VsAll Ally name : VIP Clan Leader: MrUnpsofable Clan member: 9+
  12. Morte


    Clan name: COVID69 Clan leader: Exclusivv0 Clan members: 9+
  13. Scar3F4ce

    Clan Event

    Clan name : VsAll Ally name : VIP Clan Leader: MrUnpsofable Clan member: 9+
  14. Aryador


  15. D3meo

    Brotherhood (recruit)

    Clan looking for one more member! ! Pm for info here or when will server open (D3meo)
  16. dance1ron

    VsAll recruit ppl

    Clan name : VsAll Ally name : AgainstAll Name Leader: Dream
  17. D3meo

    Brotherhood (recruit)

    Look at your messages!
  18. DrMundo

    Brotherhood (recruit)

    if u recruting how i can contact with you via more info about cp and etc?
  19. D3meo

    Brotherhood (recruit)

    We can play and with ts3 !!
  20. Aryador

    Brotherhood (recruit)

    ts3 recruit?
  21. Aryador


    recruit ts3?
  22. Aryador


    recruta ts3?
  23. DrMundo

    Brotherhood (recruit)

    ts3 / rc ?
  24. Clan name : Brotherhood Clan leader : D3meo Expected member's count : 9 Recruit open : We are looking for 2 -3 players with ds..
  25. sarap


    Clan name: GoodGame Leader: Sarap Members count: 9+
  26. xShadow


    Leader: xShadow Clan Name: PastraKings Members: 10-12 Recruit open
  27. Profesoru


    RoReloaded Profesoru +35
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