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  4. Admin

    Uchiha Clan

    Reward added
  5. Admin

    Clan LosWar

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  6. Admin

    NeverGiveUp clan

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  7. Admin


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  8. RealBoss

    Clan Legion

    clan - Legion Leader RealBossI'm expecting 10++ people
  9. BraveHeart

    NeverGiveUp clan

    Hello there NeverGiveUp clan is recruiting Eng speaking people 18+ BraveHeart : Clan leader I'm expecting 10++ people " whisper me in-game or here Have fun & enjoy=))
  10. isaias1425

    Clan LosWar

    - Clan's name LosWar- Leader's name Isa- Expected member's count 20-35Requirements of winning our prizes:- 9+ unique members (will be checked)- Clans cannot be duplicatedReward:- Clan level 8- Full clan skills- 100 Event Medals !!!
  11. DestroMike

    Clan TerrorSquad

    -TerrorSquad -DestroMike -15 -Nice Pvps And Nice Farm FTW
  12. Rose


    - BiuroOchronyRapu- Rose- 14 best reggards BOR !
  13. NegraBlack


    Leader: NegroBlack Clan: xLatinoS I hope the server will be returned better ๐Ÿ˜‰ Greetings
  14. Pocahontas

    Clan Faded

  15. Admin

    Clan Faded

    no clan leader name?
  16. D4rkDeath


    Clan Name : AnimalInstincts Leader's Name : D4rkDeath Expected member's count : 12+
  17. Pocahontas

    Clan Faded

    Clan Faded
  18. AmazE

    lf clan

    Active Eng speaking player lf a clan with a lot of adventures =) ''AmazE in-game or here Thanks
  19. cha0screat0r


    Leaderโ€™s Name; cha0screat0r Expected memberโ€™s count; 10
  20. miqueas


    Roma 9+
  21. OG.glits

    LF CP

    Hello community ๐Ÿ™‚ As the topic title says iam look fro cp to play on this server iam from greece ๐Ÿ™‚ CP name Totaldistruction. - TEDESKA TAG : Alliance for more info text me here GOOD OLD MEMORIES ๐Ÿ™‚ ONE OF MY FAV VIDEOS :d
  22. MetallicA


    Clan name: Revengers Clan leader name: MetallicA online: 12+ Looking for more players to have fun with!! Feel free to pm me for more info!
  23. BlackCottoN


    Clan name: Criminals Clan leader name: L00kM3Xa online: 10+ Recruit people with discord
  24. leo


  25. ikSSu


    Salut! Urmaresc deschiderea serverului asta de cateva zile si acum ca am vazut mai multe clanuri inregistrandu-se aici,am decis ca o sa intru la deschidere. M-ar interesa sa ma alatur grupului tau, daca si tu esti de acord. Pot juca orice clasa in afara de tank/dominator/summoneri/bufferi ๐Ÿ˜„ Joc de mult l2 cu diferite clanuri deci pot folosi TS3/Discord/Raidcall, stiu cu assist/follow...pentru mai multe info,da-mi PM.
  26. leo


    Clan name: RedWood Clan leader name: SamCrO online: 10+
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