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  3. L2Marron2

    L2Zariche Interlude

    https://l2zariche.eu/?utm_source=forumgeorgeds22&fbclid=IwAR3wayedTtAMaT5wqHBa8xEeK-2xB04Igv24o3KWZ8YgBVAgSaUE11fqfSo L2Zariche Interlude PvP Season 2 Start 22nd January 2020 @ 19:30 GMT +0 London / 21:30 GMT +2 Athens Season 1 Players will be lock for 24 hours on Grand Start of Season 2 ~ 22nd Jan 2020 - SERVER NO WIPE New Welcome Bonus Coupons Enchant: Safe +6 / Max +20 Super Haste / Akamanah / Zariche Skills Fafurion, Abyssal, Epic, Demonic Weapons Abyssal, Epic, VIP Armors Custom Wings and Agathions Anti DDos Smart Guard Protection ️️️️️️️ International community View more at:
  4. Earlier
  5. Dalish


    Clan Name: Delirium Clan Leader: Minimum People: ~10
  6. dreemyru


    Will be stay here. Clan: IMPERIYA CL: WHZ Memb:6
  7. Torrr


    eRJay ToRas 9
  8. Gibtlik


    - GamingPotheads - Gibtlik - 9 or more Salute
  9. NorthCarolina


    Clan's name: AmericaFirst - Leader's name: NorthCarolina - Expected member's count: 10+
  10. Stranger

    Clan BYFAR

    i expect 20 people to join my clan in 3 days,give me clan skills gratz for the opening (we livestream also)
  11. Respect0x

    Clan POF

    - Clan's name: POF - Leader's name: Respect0x - Expected member's count: ~10
  12. - Leader's name: Zekuu - Expected member's count: unkown
  13. TDI


    - Clan's name: Rebiatos - Leader's name: ViensDevyni - Expected member's count: 9+
  14. Victor


    Clan - TheRuller Leader - Seikishi Member 9+
  15. kel


    Clan name Cats Leader name KEl expected 10 members +
  16. Smak


    Clan's name: ExileD Leader's name: Smak Expected member's count: 10+
  17. Biatch


    Clan's name: Biatches Leader's name: Biatch Expected member's count: 9+
  18. lud


    Clan name : ARMY Leader name: Pasimylim Expected member's count: 11~
  19. Sonic


    Hello guys..we will join here 1 cp
  20. Admin


  21. 666


    Joined into this server.
  22. Stuttgart

    BadCompany clan

    we are growing
  23. Akrapov1c


    PeakyBlinders™ Clan We are Ready For this WAR
  24. eDuck

    BadCompany clan

    Do you have any other people on you or ur solo atm ?
  25. Stuttgart

    BadCompany clan

    recruiting ENG speaking players i dont care from wich country you are if u have fun pvping/farming/raiding etc just pm me in game TS3/disc cya
  26. PykeyMouse


    Hello guys, i want to introduce our english speaking clan 1target. We are mixed players from lithuania, Czech, slovakia, poland, greek and etc.. Clan name: 1target Clan leader: PykeyMouse Players: 15+ Who want to join to our community Just send me pm ingame. We have a lot of experiences, but we will do not make zerg. Have a fun and see you ingame.
  27. dolceyfarak


    si son latinos avisen
  28. dolceyfarak

    clan propaganda

    si son latinos avisen
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