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  2. deividux97


    Clan's name FuckYouAll - Leader's name HugoBoss - Expected member's count 9+
  3. ekab


    Leader EKAB Clan:Demonic PPL:9
  4. deividux97

    Clans and Alliances

    Clan's name FuckYouAll - Leader's name HugoBoss - Expected member's count 9+

    Clans and Alliances

    Clan name SWAT Clan leader KUPIDON EXPEXTED MEMBERS 10/12
  6. Sirvine


    - DeadLightKillers - Sirvine - +9 maybe more
  7. Hello we are going to join as 1 pack on server. Lets have a good game . clan leader name: PinkFong
  8. veliar21

    Clans and Alliances

    Clan Name Equilibrium Clan Leader Voznak Expected members 10
  9. elourina988

    Clans and Alliances

    - Clan's name : MaDBroS - Leader's name : LOYALPROPLAYER - Expected member's count :10
  10. Mula


    Registruoju klaniuka, laukiu leveliuko
  11. Gio


    Leader: PlanB Clan: SB PPL: 9
  12. Bang


    name clan: bang leader: BANG member: 9+
  13. Nihil


    Clan name: N7s Leader's Name: Emiya Expected ppl : 11+
  14. testukas

    Clan Bachmanity

    Clan; Bachmanity Clan Leader; Elric Clan Members; 10+
  15. MasalKocovali

    Clan; Infinity

    Clan; Infinity Clan Leader; MasalKocovali Clan Members; 6+
  16. Str4Con4

    Clan :jsjhsjhsjhjs

    Clan :jsjhsjhsjhjs Ally :1234 NumberOfPlayer :7+ Leader :Joseph
  17. Admin


    clan skills reward added
  18. Admin

    Clan Nrml

    Clan reward added!
  19. Raisin


    CLAN TheBandits will join a server! We are experienced players, which want have the best sort of fun across a siege's and pvp zones. Want to join us? We are recruting active players from Poland, and players who can speaks english We are using TS3, so there we communicate. PM Raisin in game to join the most bandit clan :D See u there!
  20. Gio


    Clan name: SB Ppl : 10-15 Leader: AzOrK
  21. Esti


    Rivendell LadyGaladriel 30-50
  22. Nrml

    Clan Nrml

    Clan Leader: Nrml Clan name: PornHub Clan member 18+
  23. Raizel1

    Clan GhostElites

    LEADER : GhostLoly Clan Name :GhostElites Members : 10
  24. Nihil

    Sui Generis

    Clan Name: Sui Generis Clan Leader: Nihil Expected PPl : 12+
  25. golden


    - Clan's name: TheHolyLords - Leader's name: L0RD - Expected member's count: 9-12
  26. Fidelity


    Clan leader: Fidelity Clan name: Faded
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