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  9. New server season starts this Friday!
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    Welcome to server and good luck!
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    ZoDiac Is here

    photo removed, because it is not from our server and misleads people btw welcome to server :)
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    read updates in the main page, everything is fixed :)
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    New Information

    GENERAL Chronicle 6 - Interlude Starting & Subclass level - 80 Free noblesse status on starting Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP) Starting system - Press couple buttons and you ready to play Alt+B Community Board with everything you need (Shop, Buffer, Etc) Anti-Bot Protection SmartGuard & Captcha OLYMPIAD Enchant limit +6 No Custom S-Grade Items Class battles are disabled Required 5 players to start match Skills reused after every match Ranks updates after every match Heroes changing every sunday 24:00 [GMT+3] Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 [GMT+3] Hero obtain hero skills in all sub-classes ENCHANT RATES Safe Enchant: +5 Max Simple/Blessed +20 Max Crystal +25 Simple Scrolls 60% Blessed Scrolls 100% Crystal Scrolls 100% Max skill enchant +10 Skill enchant chance 80% AUGMENTATION Top Grade Life Stone Chance: 15% Max 1 Active + 1 Passive Removed chance and magic attack skills SIEGES Sieges duration 1 Hour There are 3 castle sieges (Giran, Rune, Aden) Sieges are scheduled everyday 20:00-00:00 Passive skill added for castle owners as reward Leader crown of the castle stats = Donate Hat AUTO EVENTS DeathMatch Last Man Standing Team vs Team Capture the Flag Raid in the Middle Events Scheduled Every 2 Hour CUSTOM ITEMS Apella Armors Dynasty Armors (TOP) Mix of Dusk/Icarus/Epic Weapons Unique Hair Accessories with HP/CP Boost PVP ZONE Chaotic Zone Changing every 2 hours After death random spawn in same zone Rewards for killing player: - PvP Coin - 500 Adena RAID BOSSES There are 10 Raid Bosses Respawn time 1,5-3 hours All Chaotic Zones After death you will be teleported only after 30 secs Raid Bosses Drops: - Adena 40-60k - Donate Coin 8% - Crystal Weapon 50% - Crystal Armor 100% - Epic Jewerly 100% - Dynasty Part 100% - Top Grade Life Stones 5 - Giant Codex 3 - Clan Reputation 100% CLANS All clan penaltys removed Clan after creation: 5 level Maximum players in clan - 40 Maximum clans in ally - 1 Removed Royals & Knights Clan skills affect all members regardless of rank OTHER INFO Auto Learn Skills & Auto Loot Stackable BOG/LS/Scrolls No Consume Shots/Arrows/Potions No Grade and Weight penalty No Sub-Class Quest No Noblesse Quest Free Class Change 6 Max Sub-Classes 99 Buff Slots 10 Seconds Unstuck Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Spawn Protection Anti-Heavy for Archer & Dagger Drop Items At Karma Offline Shop System PvP KillingSpree System Unique Economy System Stable Platform (aCis) Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes Full interlude geodata / pathnode
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    Looking for Latin GM

    We are looking fot latin GM which would communicate with latin community, do some events, advertise server for latin community. Requirements: Good english speaking Good portuguese speaking Good spanish speaking Knowledge about our server Have at least three hours a day for our server. if you meet these Requirements pm me on skype or facebook page.
  15. Hello community, We would like to take this opportunity and announce event which is called Clan Promotion. All you, leaders, have to do is let us know you are going to be joining our new server that is going live on the 22th of May, 2020 at 20:00 PM GMT +3 There is no winners or losers, all you have to do is meet the requirements. You need to create topic in Clans and Alliances (Topic title must be your clan's name) announcing the following: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count Requirements of winning our prizes: - 9+ unique members (will be checked) - Clans cannot be duplicated Prizes: - Clan level 8 - Full clan skills - 100 Event Medals !!! We are looking forward to seeing you and your clans on our upcoming server. Hurry up and announce your clans and make sure you are meeting all the requirements. Important information: Bring your clan event will stop after server starts. If you did not register your clan in forum, before server start then your clan will not get reward. It's your responsibility to register the clan in forum before server opening!