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  11. Changes for 2020 December Season: Added active-ac anticheat. No more bots and script users! Updated system patch (more FPS, fixed some critical errors) Increased account security (disabled auto registration. Now registration is mandatory in website (we will add unique prefix to your account name when registering). This was done because players choose too simple account names/passwords, or use same accounts in many servers. Added 5 epic bosses raidbosses (in total 5 epic and 10 normal raidbosses now). Drop normal raidboss(pvp weapons, apella armors, lifestones and etc.) Drop epic raidboss (dynasty armors, donate coins, crystal scrolls, apella armors, lifestones and etc.) Added shift+click function. You will be able to see drops of raidbosses and normal monsters. Fixed offline shop login bug (where players would leave an offline shop and after some time they were not able to login unless server makes a restart) Fixed castle sieges (No more resurrections. No more holding CTRL for attacking) Enchanting window now is always open after first time clicking on a scroll (doesnt close after every enchant) Updated fast augmentation (double click on lifestone to get augment, if you get a skill the weapon gets unequipped) Clans limited to 27 members (previously was 40 and players were complaining about zerg) Added epic bosses (drop dynasty armors, raidboss jewellery, lifestones and etc.) Updated normal events: tvt, dm, ctf. (No more critical errors) Added tournament event (you can go solo or with a party 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4v,5v5,6v6,7v7,8v8,9v9 as long as there is another party in the lobby which matches your party member count) Updated clas balance (normal game and olympiad) ADDED A TOP CLAN REWARD: 600 Clan Points For capture Castle (siege every day for 2 hours, there are 3 castles in server) 200 Clan Points For each killing Epic Raid Boss (epic respawn every 8 hours) 150 Clan Points Hero status for every clan member (every 3-4 days) 10 Clan Points For each killing Normal Raid Boss (epic respawn every 30 minutes) Top clan reward will be given at the end of the week: DECEMBER 27(SUNDAY) AT 23:59 EEST/GMT +2 Top1 Clan reward $100 USD (or 400 Donate Coins, leader chooses)Top2 Clan reward $50 USD (or 300 Donate Coins, leader chooses)Top3 Clan reward 200 Donate Coins
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