Server successfully started!

Server successfully started with 300+ online and increasing!


Hello community, Server starts at MAY 15 (SATURDAY) at 20:00 EEST/GMT +3 Check time

First heroes change at MAY 19 (WEDNESDAY) AT 00:01 EEST/GMT +3

Giran/Rune/Aden sieges at MAY 19/20/21 at 20:00 EEST/GMT +3

Join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/U3PzegR26s

Register an account here https://www.l2pw.com/ucp/

Top clan event (reward $150 USD)

$150 USD reward for the clans that will have the most Clan Points.

More info: https://l2pw.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5843-top-clan-event-reward-150-usd/

Clan promotion reward 8lvl and full clan skills:

All you, leaders, have to do is let us know you are going to be joining our new server that is going live on the MAY 15 (SATURDAY) at 20:00 EEST/GMT +3

Go to our forum here: https://l2pw.com/forum/index.php?/forum/9-clans-and-alliances/

Create topic in Clans and Alliances (Topic title must be your clan's name) announcing the following:

- Clan's name
- Leader's name
- Expected member's count

Requirements of winning our prizes:
- 9+ unique members (will be checked)
- Clans cannot be duplicated

Server trailer